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已经很长时间没有更新" 细说表征 '栏目了,今天来跟大家分享一下Raman的具体写法,希望对大家有所帮助!按照惯例, 蓝色字体 部分为模板.

1.    怎样非常详细地描述Raman的实验结果?在写论文中,论文润色可以节省很多发文时间,在此推荐editsprings提供的sci论文翻译润色服务。

举例: In order to obtain better confirmation on the presence of H 4 SiMo 12 O 40 , Raman spectroscopic investigation was also conducted, because Raman spectroscopy is a sensitive technique to study supported metal oxide and it is complementary to IR investigation. The Raman spectra of the Mo VI @mSiO 2 and its derived H 4 SiMo 12 O 40 @mSiO 2  hollow spheres are displayed in Figure 8 , with reference to those of pure mesoporous silica and commercial α-MoO 3 . For pure mesoporous silica, the peak at 984 cm −1  is attributed to stretching vibration of Si−OH bond and the peak at 821 cm −1 to Si−O−Si linkages, while the two peaks at 648 and 487 cm −1 are assigned to the presence of siloxane rings. Indeed, apart from the 488 cm −1 peak, there are four new peaks observed for the Mo VI @mSiO 2 -20 sample in Figure 8a, which are characteristic of heptamolybdate species (Mo 7 O 2 46− ). The peaks at 952 and 878 cm −1 are due to symmetric and asymmetric stretching of the  terminal Mo=O bond, while the peaks at 374 and 223 cm −1 are attributable to bending vibration of terminal Mo=O and deformation of Mo−O−Mo  respectivel y. It is noted that no peaks corresponding to the MoO 3 phase were observed, which indicates that the present thermal infusion method is effective to prepare highly dispersed molybdenum oxide within the mesoporous silica spheres. After the hydration of Mo VI @mSiO 2 with water, more Raman peaks appeared due to restructuring of  surface heptamolybdate species. The peaks at  998−999,977−981, 910−913, 789, 645, and 247 cm −1 can be unambiguously assigned to silicomolybdic acid, though it is still difficult to differentiate between the α and β forms of this solid acid (Figure 8b,c). In addition to those of silicomolybdic acid, the peaks at 818, 367 and 214−217, and 155 cm −1 are also observed; these peaks could be attributed to the presence of the α-MoO 3 phase . Quite clearly, water could also facilitate the crystallization of surface heptamolybdate species to small α-MoO 3  clusters, which probably took place during the drying process (100 °C). The above observation is also consistent with our FT-IR  findings, revealing tha t silicomolybdic acid is responsible for the high activity observed for the Friedel− Crafts alkylation. 


参考文献: Zeng H. et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134,16235−16246.




为什么要做这个表征: In order to obtain better confirmationon the presence of 物种类型 , Raman spectroscopic investigation was also conducted.


得到哪些信息,说明了什么问题: For  物种类型 , the peaks at 峰位置  are attributable to/are attributed to/can be assigned to the symmetric and asymmetric stretching of 键型 bond /the bending vibration of  键型 and deformation of 键型 , respectively.

The peaks at  峰位置  are also observed, which could be attributed to/could be assigned to the presence of /are characteristic of /correspondswell with  物种类型 .

It is noted that no peaks corresponding to the  物种类型  were observed, which indicates


从这些信息还可以进一步得到什么: The above observation is also consistent with  其他表征手段 findings, revealing that...



2. 由于 Raman 光谱在不同论文想要表达的观点不同,不同论文的描述结果可能略有不同.下面总结一些比较常见的写法供大家参考.


A.   指派型

Evidently, this spectrum has all the characteristics of an amorphous tungsten oxide (a-WO 3 ), namely all bands are broad and their relative band intensities are characteristic of a -WO 3 . The band at around 960 cm -1 again can be assigned to the terminal W=O stretching mode , possibly on the surface of the cluster and in microvoid structures in the film. The broad band centered at 760 cm -1 most probably can be deconvoluted into several Raman peaks, including the strongest peak s at 715 and 807 cm -1  of a monoclinic WO3. 


参考文献: Augustynski J., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2001, 123, 10639-10649.


B.   Raman 作为佐证手段

Raman 作为佐证手段,通常关注峰的有无 , 峰强度和峰位置的变化 .

1 ) 峰的有无 , 峰强度的变化

UV Raman spectra of these samples indicate that  the mixed phases of anatase and rutile co exist  in the surface region. Namely, when the TiO 2  sample is calcined at 700– 750 o C, the phase junctions between anatase and rutile are derived on the surface of the rutile TiO 2 , as characterized by UV Raman spectroscopy combined with XRD and visible Raman spectroscopy.

参考文献 : Li C., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 1766–1769.



Raman spectroscopy has proven to be a powerful, local structural probe for MnO 2 .δ-phase MnO 2 has strong Raman-active (Mn-O)  stretching transitions at 646 and 575 cm -1 .  A somewhat weaker transition at 510 cm -1  is also prominent but less intense in most δ-phase MnO 2 samples. All three of these characteristic Raman peaks are observed for MnO 2 films prepared using the multipulse procedure (Figure 5b), whereas  a mp-MnO 2 nanowire prepared by multipulse deposition on quartz exhibits two of these at 656 and 568 cm -1 . Peaks at lower energies, including the 510 cm -1  mode, cannot be observed because this spectral region is obscured by transitions of the quartz surface. Collectively the data of Figure 5 suggests that the mp-MnO 2 nanowires have some birnessite character  despite being X-ray amorphous.

参考文献: Penner Reginald M. et al., ACS nano, 2011, 5,8275–8287.



2)  峰强度和位置的变化

The agglomeration of graphene sheets is also confirmed with Raman spectroscopy as shown in Fig. 4. The D band of our sample is relatively intense compared to the G band, which is in agreement with previous results for graphene samples obtained from exfoliated GO. It was shown that alongthe graphite→GO reduced →GO path the Raman spectra undergo significant changes. Specifically, the G band  broadened significantly and displayed a shift to higher frequencies (blue-shift),and the D band grew in intensity. The Raman spectrum of our sample contains a G band at 1584 cm -1 , a D band at 1352 cm -1 and the second-order features, at 2690 and 2910 cm -1 . The G band position (1584cm -1 ) of our reduced graphene oxide powder sample is in good agreement with the literature, but the position is 3 cm -1 higher than that of the initial graphite (1581 cm -1 ). This shift was also observed when going from a graphite crystal to a single graphene sheet, in which th e G band shifts to a value 3– 6 cm -1  higher than for bulk graphite. The D band around 1350 cm -1 arises from disorder , and is very weak in a single graphene sheet but increases in intensity with the number of layers. Thus, the shift of the G band and relatively intense D band indicate small stacks of quite disordered graphene sheets.

参考文献: Srinivas G., Carbon, 2010, 4 8, 630-635.





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