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1. sci文章写作一些常用的句型总结(一)

2. sci文章写作中一些常用的句型总结(二)

3. sci文章写作中一些常用的句型总结(三)

4. sci文章写作中一些常用的句型总结(四)

5. sci文章写作中一些常用的句型总结(五)

6. sci文章写作中一些常用的句型总结(六) 7. sci文章写作中一些常用的句型总结(七)

1. 某数据使我们得出 … 结论

A.  Because the ellipsometric data give a HS-ssDNA film thickness of approximately 20% of the expected maximum thickness, we conclude that the HS-ssDNA monolayer is not a tightly packed monolayer, and that the DNA chains are not oriented perpendicular to the surface.( J. Am. Chem. Soc. ,  1997 ,  119  (38), 8916–8920)

B. The behavior of the correlation coefficient makes us conclude that a linear relationship between interaction energy and the charge density at the bond critical point is still valid for multiple-bond critical points. ( J. Phys. Chem. 1995 ,99, 9747-9754 )

C. On the basis of these results we concluded that  compartment A is more closely associated with open, accessible, actively transcribed chromatin. ( Science   2009 ,326,289-293)

可变形为: On the basis of our findings, it can be concluded that…在写论文中,论文润色可以节省很多发文时间,在此推荐editsprings提供的sci论文翻译润色服务。

或者: From the results we have obtained, one can conclude that...

D. The very low energy thresholds lead us to conclude that semiconducting polymers comprise a class of promising laser materials. ( Science   1996 ,273,1883)

E.   Our findings lead us to conclude that the voltage-sensor paddles operate somewhat like hydrophobic cations attached to levers, enabling the membraneelectric field to open and close the pore. ( Nature   2003 , 423, 42-48 )


2. 考虑到 …

A.Giventhe observed increase of about 10%, the expected increase of PDI is about 40%, taking into account the increased duration of events. ( Nature   2005 , 436, 686-688 )

B. Taking the above observations into account, weconclude that P AB (eq. 10), calculated with the localized spinorbitals that maximize N a , defines a covalent bond order between theatoms A and B in the Lewis (resonance) structure described by this particularset of localized spin orbitals. ( J. Am.Chem. Soc. 1991 , 113, 4142-4145)

C. Given that only aryl enones have reduction potentials sufficientlypositive to accept an electron from the photogenerated Ru(bpy) 3 +  reductant,aryl enone  6  can be selectively reduced in the presence of alkyl enone  7  to form the nucleophilic radicalanion intermediate. ( Nat. Chem. 2010 , 2, 527–532)

D. Considering that the zincion, the deprotonated ligand  1  and bridging oxo oxygen have charges of +2, -1 and -2, respectively, we need two additional positive charges per [Zn 3 (μ 3 -O)( 1 -H) 6 ] 2- unit for overall neutrality. ( Nature 2000 ,   404, 982-986)


3. 使 … 明了

A. A transparent and rigorous approach, however,can almost always shine a light on  issues of reproducibility. ( Science , 2014 , 346, 679)  

B. To shed light on theevolution of qualitative pheromone alterations, we studied sex pheromones inthe wasp genus   Nasonia , an emerging model system for investigating thegenetics of speciation and complex traits . ( Nature 2013 , 494,345–348)

C. In this regard, what is requested to material chemists is to make clear the relationships among chemical structure,quantum chemical simulation, physical properties and device performances .( J. Mater. Chem. C , 2013 ,  1 ,1699-1707 )

D. In order to clarify the possible reasons for the higherphotocatalytic as well as photoelectric properties of Ag 3 PO 4   cubes than spherical particles, the surface structures andatomic configurations of Ag 3 PO 4   {100} planes have been further studied. ( Chem. Commun. , 2012 ,  48 , 3748-3750)




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