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Research Articles

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism/Marine Geology and Geophysics


Magnetic Anisotropy in Silurian Gas‐Bearing Shale Rocks From the Pomerania Region (Northern Poland)

D. K. Niezabitowska, R. Szaniawski, J. Roszkowska‐Remin, A. Gąsiński

Pages: 5-25 First Published:12 December 2018


High‐Velocity Friction Experiments Indicate Magnetic Enhancement and Softening of Fault Gouges During Seismic Slip

Tao Yang, Jianye Chen, Huiru Xu, Mark J. Dekkers

Pages: 26-43 First Published:12 December 2018


Paleomagnetic and Geochronological Results From the Zhela and Weimei Formations Lava Flows of the Eastern Tethyan Himalaya: New Insights Into the Breakup of Eastern Gondwana

Weiwei Bian, Tianshui Yang, Yiming Ma, Jingjie Jin, Feng Gao, Suo Wang, Wenxiao Peng, Shihong Zhang, Huaichun Wu, Haiyan Li, Liwan Cao, Yuruo Shi

Pages: 44-64 First Published:22 November 2018


The Effects of Hydrate on the Strength and Stiffness of Some Sands

B. N. Madhusudhan, C. R. I. Clayton, J. A. Priest

Pages: 65-75 First Published:12 December 2018


Subseafloor Temperature Variations Influenced by Variations in Bottom Water Temperature and Pressure: New High Resolution Observations and Implications

Earl E. Davis, Heinrich Villinger

Pages: 76-87 First Published:28 November 2018


A Widespread Early Mesozoic Remagnetization in South China

Wenjun Jiao, Yong‐Xiang Li, Zhenyu Yang, Jiarun Liu

Pages: 88-103 First Published:29 December 2018


Magnetotelluric Evidence for Asymmetric Simple Shear Extension and Lithospheric Thinning in South China

Shan Xu, Martyn J. Unsworth, Xiangyun Hu, Walter D. Mooney

Pages: 104-124 First Published:05 January 2019


An Extended Grain‐Based Model Accounting for Microstructures in Rock Deformation

Yahui Zhang, Louis Ngai Yuen Wong, Ka Kit Chan

Pages: 125-148 First Published:28 November 2018


Influence of Clay, Calcareous Microfossils, and Organic Matter on the Nature and Diagenetic Evolution of Pore Systems in Mudstones

Eliza J. Mathia, Thomas F. T. Rexer, K. Mark Thomas, Leon Bowen, Andrew C. Aplin

Pages: 149-174 First Published:28 November 2018


Residual Strain Mechanism of Aftershocks and Exponents of the Modified Omori's Law

A. V. Dyskin, E. Pasternak

Pages: 175-194 First Published:10 December 2018


Thermal, Deformation, and Degassing Remote Sensing Time Series (CE 2000–2017) at the 47 most Active Volcanoes in Latin America: Implications for Volcanic Systems

K. Reath M. Pritchard, M. Poland, F. Delgado, S. Carn D. Coppola, B. Andrews, S. K. Ebmeier, E. Rumpf, S. Henderson, S. Baker P. Lundgren, R. Wright, J. Biggs, T. Lopez, C. Wauthier, S. Moruzzi, A. Alcott, R. Wessels, J. Griswold, S. Ogburn, S. Loughlin, F. Meyer, G. Vaughan, M. Bagnardi

Pages: 195-218 First Published:05 December 2018


Weak and Slow, Strong and Fast: How Shear Zones Evolve in a Dry Continental Crust (Musgrave Ranges, Central Australia)

F. Hawemann, N. S. Mancktelow, G. Pennacchioni, S. Wex, A. Camacho

Pages: 219-240 First Published:21 November 2018


Quartz Flow Law Revisited: The Significance of Pressure Dependence of the Activation Enthalpy

Lucy X. Lu, Dazhi Jiang

Pages: 241-256 First Published:26 December 2018


Acid‐Induced Dissolution of Andesite: Evolution of Permeability and Strength

Jamie I. Farquharson, Bastien Wild Alexandra, R. L. Kushnir, Michael J. Heap, Patrick Baud, Ben Kennedy

Pages: 257-273 First Published:January 2019


How Magmatic Storage Regions Attract and Repel Propagating Dikes

Stephen Pansino, Benoit Taisne

Pages: 274-290 First Published:20 December 2018


Heat and Mass Transport in a Vapor‐Dominated Hydrothermal Area in Yellowstone National Park, USA: Inferences From Magnetic, Electrical, Electromagnetic, Subsurface Temperature, and Diffuse CO2 Flux Measurements

Claire Bouligand, Shaul Hurwitz, Jean Vandemeulebrouck, Svetlana Byrdina, Mason Andrew Kass, Jennifer Lynn Lewicki

Pages: 291-309 First Published:03 January 2019


Global Analysis of Experimental Data on the Rheology of Olivine Aggregates

Chhavi Jain, Jun Korenaga, Shun‐ichiro Karato

Pages: 310-334 First Published:13 December 2018


Posteruptive Thermoelastic Deflation of Intruded Magma in Usu Volcano, Japan, 1992–2017

Xiaowen Wang, Yosuke Aoki

Pages: 335-357 First Published:05 January 2019


Iron Isotope Systematics of the Panzhihua Mafic Layered Intrusion Associated With Giant Fe‐Ti Oxide Deposit in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province, SW China

Yonghua Cao, Christina Yan Wang, Fang Huang, Zhaofeng Zhang

Pages: 358-375 First Published:05 December 2018


The Effect of Stress on Limestone Permeability and Effective Stress Behavior of Damaged Samples

Fanbao Meng, Patrick Baud, Hongkui Ge, Teng‐fong Wong

Pages: 376-399 First Published:05 January 2019


Effective Elastic Properties of Rocks With Transversely Isotropic Background Permeated by Aligned Penny‐Shaped Cracks

Junxin Guo, Tongcheng Han, Li‐Yun Fu, Denghui Xu, Xinding Fang

Pages: 400-424 First Published:05 January 2019


Ensemble Shear Strength, Stability, and Permeability of Mixed Mineralogy Fault Gouge Recovered From 3D Granular Models

Chaoyi Wang, Derek Elsworth, Yi Fang

Pages: 425-441 First Published:10 January 2019


Estimation of the Non‐Darcy Coefficient Using Supercritical CO2 and Various Sandstones

C. S. Choi, J. J. Song

Pages: 442-455 First Published:08 January 2019


Arc Andesitic Rocks Derived From Partial Melts of Mélange Diapir in Subduction Zones: Evidence From Whole‐Rock Geochemistry and Sr‐Nd‐Mo Isotopes of the Paleogene Linzizong Volcanic Succession in Southern Tibet

Haoyu Yan, Xiaoping Long, Jie Li, Qiang Wang, Bingshuang Zhao, Chutian Shu, Longlong Gou, Rui Zuo

Pages: 456-475 First Published:16 December 2018


Crack Models of Repeating Earthquakes Predict Observed Moment‐Recurrence Scaling

C. Cattania, P. Segall

Pages: 476-503 First Published:14 November 2018


A 3‐D Shear Wave Velocity Model for Myanmar Region

Xin Wang, Shengji Wei, Yu Wang, Phyo Maung Maung, Judith Hubbard, Paramesh Banerjee, Bor‐Shouh Huang, Kyaw Moe Oo, Thomas Bodin, Anna Foster, Rafael Almeida

Pages: 504-526 First Published:15 December 2018


A Bayesian Approach to Microtremor Array Methods for Estimating Shallow S Wave Velocity Structures: Identifying Structural Singularities

Ikuo Cho, Takaki Iwata

Pages: 527-553 First Published:11 December 2018


Repeating VLFEs During ETS Events in Cascadia Track Slow Slip and Continue Throughout Inter‐ETS Period

Alexandra A. Hutchison, Abhijit Ghosh

Pages: 554-565 First Published:11 December 2018


Improving Forecast Accuracy With Tsunami Data Assimilation: The 2009 Dusky Sound, New Zealand, Tsunami

Anne F. Sheehan, Aditya R. Gusma,n Kenji Satake

Pages: 566-577 First Published:20 December 2018


An Improved Method to Determine Coda‐Q, Earthquake Magnitude, and Site Amplification: Theory and Application to Southern California

W. Wang, P. M. Shearer

Pages: 578-598 First Published:03 December 2018


Characteristic Tectonic Tremor Activity Observed Over Multiple Slow Slip Cycles in the Mexican Subduction Zone

Allen Husker, William B. Frank, Guillermo Gonzalez, Leticia Avila, Vladimir Kostoglodov, Ekaterina Kazachkina

Pages: 599-608 First Published:21 December 2018


Seismic Evidence on Different Rifting Mechanisms in Southern and Northern Segments of the Fenhe‐Weihe Rift Zone

Sanxi Ai, Yong Zheng, Muhammad Shahid Riaz, Meiqing Song, Sijia Zeng, Zujun Xie

Pages: 609-630 First Published:28 December 2018


High‐Resolution Constraints on Pacific Upper Mantle Petrofabric Inferred From Surface‐Wave Anisotropy

Joshua B. Russell, James B. Gaherty, Pei‐Ying Patty Lin, Daniel Lizarralde, John A. Collins, Greg Hirth, Rob L. Evans

Pages: 631-657 First Published:26 December 2018


Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment in South China Sea With Consideration of Uncertain Earthquake Characteristics

Ignacio Sepúlveda, Philip L.‐F. Liu, Mircea Grigoriu

Pages: 658-688 First Published:26 December 2018


Earthquake Nucleation Size: Evidence of Loading Rate Dependence in Laboratory Faults

Simon Guérin‐Marthe, Stefan Nielsen, Robert Bird, Stefano Giani, Giulio Di Toro

Pages: 689-708 First Published:16 December 2018


Application of Ps Scattering Kernels to Imaging the Mantle Transition Zone With Receiver Functions

Han Zhang, Brandon Schmandt

Pages: 709-728 First Published:02 January 2019


Effects of Induced Stress on Seismic Waves: Validation Based on Ab Initio Calculations

Jeroen Tromp, Michel L. Marcondes, Renata M. M. Wentzcovitch, Jeannot Trampert

Pages: 729-741 First Published:10 January 2019


P Wave Azimuthal Anisotropic Tomography in Northern Chile: Insight Into Deformation in the Subduction Zone

Zhouchuan Huang, Frederik Tilmann, Diana Comte, Dapeng Zhao

Pages: 742-765 First Published:29 December 2018


Robust Estimation of Rupture Properties at Propagating Front of Laboratory Earthquakes

Shiqing Xu, Eiichi Fukuyama, Futoshi Yamashita

Pages: 766-787 First Published:07 January 2019


Reliable Real‐Time Seismic Signal/Noise Discrimination With Machine Learning

Men‐Andrin Meier, Zachary E. Ross, Anshul Ramachandran, Ashwin Balakrishna, Suraj Nair, Peter Kundzicz, Zefeng Li, Jennifer Andrews, Egill Hauksson, Yisong Yue

Pages: 788-800 First Published:29 December 2018



Time-Dependent Deformations of Sandstone During Pore Fluid Pressure OSCIllations: Implications for Natural and Induced Seismicity

C. Noël, L. Pimienta, M. Violay

Pages: 801-821 First Published:07 January 2019


Earthquake Focal Mechanisms and Stress Field for the Intermediate‐Depth Cauca Cluster, Colombia

Y. Chang, L. M. Warren, L. Zhu, G. A. Prieto

Pages: 822-836 First Published:10 January 2019


Energy Partitioning During Subcritical Mode I Crack Propagation Through a Heterogeneous Interface

Camille Jestin, Olivier Lengliné, Jean Schmittbuhl

Pages: 837-855 First Published:10 January 2019


PhaseLink: A Deep Learning Approach to Seismic Phase Association

Zachary E. Ross, Yisong Yue, Men‐Andrin Meier, Egill Hauksson, Thomas H. Heaton

Pages: 856-869 First Published:17 January 2019


Teleseismic Waveform Complexities Caused by Near Trench Structures and Their Impacts on Earthquake Source Study: Application to the 2015 Illapel Aftershocks (Central Chile)

Yunyi Qian, Shengji Wei, Wenbo Wu, Hongyu Zeng, Aurélie Coudurier‐Curveur, Sidao Ni

Pages: 870-889 First Published:10 January 2019


Modeling Three‐Dimensional Wave Propagation in Anelastic Models With Surface Topography by the Optimal Strong Stability Preserving Runge‐Kutta Method

Nian Wang, Jiahang Li, Dmitry Borisov, Hom Nath Gharti, Yang Shen, Wei Zhang, Brian Savage

Pages: 890-907 First Published:28 December 2018


Seismoacoustic Analysis of Chemical Explosions at the Nevada National Security Site

Michael E. Pasyanos, Keehoon Kim

Pages: 908-924 First Published:09 January 2019


Evaluation of Temporally Correlated Noise in Global Navigation Satellite System Time Series: Geodetic Monument Performance

John Langbein, Jerry L. Svarc

Pages: 925-942 First Published:18 December 2018


Extent of Low‐Angle Normal Slip in the 2010 El Mayor‐Cucapah (Mexico) Earthquake From Differential Lidar

Lia J. Lajoie, Edwin Nissen, Kendra L. Johnson, J Ramón Arrowsmith, Craig L. Glennie, Alejandro Hinojosa‐Corona, Michael E. Oskin

Pages: 943-956 First Published:21 December 2018


Scalable En Echelon Shear‐Fracture Aperture‐Roughness Mechanism: Theory, Validation, and Implications

Luke P. Frash, J. William Carey, Nathan J. Welch

Pages: 957-977 First Published:03 January 2019


Impact of Crustal Rheology on Temperature‐Dependent Viscoelastic Models of Volcano Deformation: Application to Taal Volcano, Philippines

A. M. Morales Rivera, F. Amelung, F. Albino, P. M. Gregg

Pages: 978-994 First Published:23 November 2018


Aftershock Rate and Pore Fluid Diffusion: Insights From the Amatrice‐Visso‐Norcia (Italy) 2016 Seismic Sequence

Matteo Albano, Salvatore Barba, Michele Saroli, Marco Polcari, Christian Bignami, Marco Moro, Salvatore Stramondo, Daniela Di Bucci

Pages: 995-1015 First Published:28 December 2018


Regional‐Scale Detection of Fault Scarps and Other Tectonic Landforms: Examples From Northern California

Robert Sare, George E. Hilley, Stephen B. DeLong

Pages: 1016-1035 First Published:14 January 2019


A Perturbative Approach for Modeling Short‐Term Fluid‐Driven Ground Deformation Episodes on Volcanoes: A Case Study in the Campi Flegrei Caldera (Italy)

Z. Petrillo, L. D'Auria, A. Mangiacapra, G. Chiodini, S. Caliro, S. Scippacercola

Pages: 1036-1056 First Published:29 December 2018


Modeling of Unilateral Rupture Along Very Long Reverse Faults

Shiro Hirano

Pages: 1057-1071 First Published:10 January 2019


Geometry of Geyser Plumbing Inferred From Ground Deformation

Alberto Ardid, Emilio Vera, Cyndi Kelly, Michael Manga, Carolina Munoz‐Saez, Andrei Maksymowicz, Francisco Ortega‐Culaciati

Pages: 1072-1083 First Published:09 January 2019


Impact of Lithospheric Strength Distribution on India‐Eurasia Deformation From 3‐D Geodynamic Models

Sarah Bischoff, Lucy Flesch

Pages: 1084-1105 First Published:29 December 2018


The Importance of the Inelastic and Elastic Structures of the Crust in Constraining Glacial Density, Mass Change, and Isostatic Adjustment From Geodetic Observations in Southeast Alaska

William Durkin, Samuel Kachuck, Matthew Pritchard

Pages: 1106-1119 First Published:04 January 2019


Strain Localization and Weakening Processes in Viscously Deforming Rocks: Numerical Modeling Based on Laboratory Torsion Experiments

M. J. E. A. Döhmann, S. Brune, L. Nardini, E. Rybacki, G. Dresen

Pages: 1120-1137 First Published:12 January 2019



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