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Geophysical Journal International

Volume 216, Issue 1

January 2019


Accurate determination of P-wave backazimuth and slowness parameters by sparsity-constrained seismic array analysis 

Jing Hu; Haijiang Zhang; Haiying Yu

Pages 1–18, 



The eigenvalue lune as a window on moment tensors 

Walter Tape; Carl Tape

Pages 19–33, 



Frequency-domain seismic wave modelling in heterogeneous porous media using the mixed-grid finite-difference method 

Xu Liu; Stewart Greenhalgh; Bing Zhou; Mark Greenhalgh

Pages 34–54, 



Relating mass movement with electrical self-potential signals 

T Heinze; JK Limbrock; SP Pudasaini; A Kemna

Pages 55–60, 



The importance of including density in elastic least-squares reverse time migration: multiparameter crosstalk and convergence 

Ke Chen; Mauricio D Sacchi

Pages 61–80, 



F–xy domain morphological filtering for three-dimensional seismic erratic noise suppression 

Weilin Huang; Runqiu Wang; Sili Wang; Libin Cao; Bo Yu ...

Pages 81–102, 



On the pitfalls of Airy isostasy and the isostatic gravity anomaly in general 

Jon F Kirby

Pages 103–122, 



Torsional waves driven by convection and jets in Earth's liquid core 

R J Teed; C A Jones; S M Tobias

Pages 123–129, 



An optimal transport approach to linearized inversion of receiver functions 

N Hedjazian; T Bodin; L Métivier

Pages 130–147, 



Dynamic anisotropic elastic properties of a claystone under variable loading direction and saturation 

D Grgic; A Giraud; L Schoumacker

Pages 148–163, 



Fast sparsity-promoting microseismic source estimation 

Shashin Sharan; Rongrong Wang; Felix J Herrmann

Pages 164–181, 



Infrasound observations from the site of past underground nuclear explosions in North Korea 

Karl Koch; Christoph Pilger

Pages 182–200, 



Localization of seismic events produced by avalanches using multiple signal classification 

M Heck; M Hobiger; A van Herwijnen; J Schweizer; D Fäh

Pages 201–217, 



Combined interpretation of marine controlled source electromagnetic and reflection seismic data in the German North Sea: a case study 

Romina A S Gehrmann; Claudia Schnabel; Martin Engels; Michael Schnabel; Katrin Schwalenberg

Pages 218–230, 



Upper-mantle structure of the Borborema Province, NE Brazil, from P-wave tomography: implications for rheology and volcanism 

F L Simões Neto; Jordi Julià; Martin Schimmel

Pages 231–250, 



Frequency-dependent quality factors from the deconvolution of ambient noise recordings in a borehole in West Bohemia/Vogtland 

A Haendel; M Ohrnberger; F Krüger

Pages 251–260, 



PhaseNet: a deep-neural-network-based seismic arrival-time picking method 

Weiqiang Zhu; Gregory C Beroza

Pages 261–273, 



Coupled inverse modelling of tight CO2 reservoirs using gravity and ground deformation data 

Hojjat Kabirzadeh; Jeong Woo Kim; Michael G Sideris; Saeed Vatankhah; Yi Kyun Kwon

Pages 274–286, 



Tsunami Squares modelling of the 2015 June 24 Hongyanzi landslide generated river tsunami in Three Gorges Reservoir, China 

Jiajia Wang; Steven N Ward; Lili Xiao

Pages 287–295, 



On the reliability of the Matuyama–Brunhes record in the Sulmona Basin—Comment to 'A reappraisal of the proposed rapid Matuyama–Brunhes geomagnetic reversal in the Sulmona Basin, Italy' by Evans and Muxworthy (2018) 

Leonardo Sagnotti; Biagio Giaccio; Joseph C Liddicoat; Chiara Caricchi; Sebastien Nomade ...

Pages 296–301, 



An extensive study of clustering features of seismicity in Italy from 2005 to 2016 

Jiancang Zhuang; Maura Murru; Giuseppe Falcone; Yicun Guo

Pages 302–318, 



A model for nonlinear elasticity in rocks based on friction of internal interfaces and contact aging 

Christoph Sens-Schönfelder; Roel Snieder; Xun Li

Pages 319–331, 



A systematic study of earthquake detectability using Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide-Swath data 

Gareth J Funning; Astrid Garcia

Pages 332–349, 



Individual and joint 2-D elastic full-waveform inversion of Rayleigh and Love waves 

Florian Wittkamp; Nikolaos Athanasopoulos; Thomas Bohlen

Pages 350–364, 



Resolving thermomechanical coupling in two and three dimensions: spontaneous strain localization owing to shear heating 

T Duretz; L Räss; YY Podladchikov; SM Schmalholz

Pages 365–379, 



An analytical effective excess charge density model to predict the streaming potential generated by unsaturated flow 

M Soldi; D Jougnot; L Guarracino

Pages 380–394, 



Inferring fault slip rates from cumulative seismic moment in a multiple asperity context 

P Dublanchet

Pages 395–413, 



Simulation of seismoelectric waves using finite-difference frequency-domain method: 2-D SHTE mode  

Yongxin Gao; Dongdong Wang; Cheng Yao; Wei Guan; Hengshan Hu ...

Pages 414–438, 



Velocity structure of the earthquake zone of the M6.3 Yogyakarta earthquake 2006 from a seismic tomography study 

Atria Dilla Diambama; Ade Anggraini; Mochamad Nukman; Birger-Gottfried Lühr; Wiwit Suryanto

Pages 439–452, 



Seismic wave propagation in nonlinear viscoelastic media using the auxiliary differential equation method 

Roland Martin; Ludovic Bodet; Vincent Tournat; Fayçal Rejiba

Pages 453–469, 



Reservoir characterization using perforation shots: anisotropy, attenuation and uncertainty analysis 

Zhishuai Zhang; Jing Du; Gary M Mavko

Pages 470–485, 



An analytical finite-strain parametrization for texture evolution in deforming olivine polycrystals 

Neil M Ribe; Ralf Hielscher; Olivier Castelnau

Pages 486–514, 



Unexplained spectral peaks in Earth tremor 

Francesco Mulargia

Pages 515–520, 



Dynamics of the low- and high-degree components of a vertical datum: towards the effect of omission error 

C I Yakubu; O B Agyei; V G Ferreira

Pages 521–534, 



Seismic anisotropy of the crust and upper mantle beneath western Tibet revealed by shear wave splitting measurements 

Changhui Ju; Junmeng Zhao; Ning Huang; Qiang Xu; Hongbing Liu

Pages 535–544, 



Characterizing the acoustic properties of the cavity cloud generated close to an air-gun array as a time-dependent effective medium 

Babak Khodabandeloo; Martin Landrø

Pages 545–559, 



Unified matrix–vector wave equation, reciprocity and representations 

Kees Wapenaar

Pages 560–583, 



Ocean angular momentum from a recent global state estimate, with assessment of uncertainties 

K J Quinn; R M Ponte; P Heimbach; I Fukumori; J-M Campin

Pages 584–597, 



Primary pseudo-single and single-domain magnetite inclusions in quartzite cobbles of the Jack Hills (Western Australia): implications for the Hadean geodynamo 

Richard K Bono; John A Tarduno; Rory D Cottrell

Pages 598–608, 



Vp/Vs tomography in the southern California plate boundary region using body and surface wave traveltime data 

Hongjian Fang; Huajian Yao; Haijiang Zhang; Clifford Thurber; Yehuda Ben-Zion ...

Pages 609–620, 



The rupture extent of low frequency earthquakes near Parkfield, CA

Jessica C Hawthorne; Amanda M Thomas; Jean-Paul Ampuero

Pages 621–639, 



Age dependence and anisotropy of surface-wave phase velocities in the Pacific 

Celia L Eddy; Göran Ekström; Meredith Nettles; James B Gaherty

Pages 640–658, 



Estimation of pore pressure, tectonic strain and stress magnitudes in the Upper Assam basin: a tectonically active part of India 

Jenifer Alam; Rima Chatterjee; Sumangal Dasgupta

Pages 659–675, 



Modelling the elevation-dependent seasonal amplitude of tropospheric delays in GPS time-series using DInSAR and meteorological data 

H Samadi Alinia; K F Tiampo; S V Samsonov; P J González

Pages 676–691, 



Changes in lava effusion rate from a volcanic fissure due to pressure changes in the conduit 

Michele Dragoni; Andrea Tallarico

Pages 692–702, 



Variability in surface rupture between successive earthquakes on the Suusamyr Fault, Kyrgyz Tien Shan: implications for palaeoseismology

E A Ainscoe; K E Abdrakhmatov; S Baikulov; A S Carr; A J Elliott ...

Pages 703–725, 



Locating and monitoring microseismicity, hydraulic fracture and earthquake rupture using elastic time-reversal imaging 

Jidong Yang; Hejun Zhu

Pages 726–744, 




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