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IF≥20: Cell Metab-20.565,

15≤IF>20: JAMA-Intern Med-19.989, Nat Cell Biol-19.064, Ann Inter Med-19.384(>3500,ref>75),Pharmacol Rev-18.964,Trends Cell Biol-18.564(全约),Sci Trans Med-16.71,Annu Rev Pathol - 15.952, Trends Biochem Sci -15.678,Endocr Rev -15.545,Cell Res-15.393(中国办),Intens Care Med-15.008,

10≤IF>15: Ann Rev Physiol-14.327,Mol Cell-14.248,Trends Immunol-14.188,Nat Chemical Biol -13.843,J Clin Inves-13.251(9000字,收Review),Adv Sci-12.411,Nat Commun-12. 353(收Review),Trends Pharmacol Sci -12.108(可询问约稿,预提交版本,作者不可太多),Biol Rev-11.7(无约稿,写生物学而非医学,编辑较友好,杨老师提示后期可考虑),PLoS Med-11.675 (无直接的Review),Sci Advances-11.511(新刊,Review要求跨学科,开源,涵盖所有方向),,Trends Mol Med-11.021(全约但可询问,3000 - 3500 words),J Exp Med-10.79(3,000–4,000偏免疫领域),Trends Endocrin Met -10.769,EMBO J-10.557(和Review栏目关系不大),Pharmacol Therapeut-10.376(欢迎非约稿Review但要询问Editor),EMBO Mol Med-10.293,Curr Opin Cell Biol -10.015(全约),sci论文润色哪家好,editsprings有话说。这些知识你需要知道~

9≤IF>10: Prog Lipid Res -8.435(编辑友好),PLoS Biol-9.163,,Semin Immunol-7.206,Mol Syst Biol-8.5(EMBO系列),Genes & ,Curr Biol-9.251,Natl Sci Rev-9.408(中国科学院办,年70篇),BMC Med-9.088

7≤IF>9: Ageing Res Rev-8.973,EMBO Rep-8.749,(需edu邮箱),Systematic biol-8.523,Med Res Rev -8.29(中国办,极难),Curr Opin Immunol -7.932, Cell Rep-8.032,J Cell Biol-8.784,(和Review关系不大),Alimen Pharm Therap-7.357,Cell Death Differ -8,Obesity Rev-8.483,Aging cell-7.627,Mol Therapy-7.008, Redox Biol-7.126($1500), Mayo Clin Proc-7.199, Cell Mol Immunol-7.551(中国办)

6≤IF>7: Cell Mol Life Sci -6.721,Clin Pharmacol Ther-6.544,Crit Care Med-6.63,新刊18年出IF(3500-4000字),J Pathol-6.253(4000字),,Ageing Cell-6.714,Cytokine Growth Factor Rev-6.395(投稿需自荐信及每名作者介绍),Mol Metab-6.291, Semin Cell Dev Biol-6.138,Antioxid Redox Sign-6.53,J Inter Med-6.754,Modern Pathol-6.655,Brit J Pharmacol-6.81,Curr Opin Pharmacol-6.313(全约),Sci Signal-6.378,

5≤IF>6: J Mol Cell Biol-5.595,J Am Med Dir Assoc-5.325(老年医学,慢病学),BBA-Mol Basis Dis-5.108,FASEB J-5.595,BioSCIence-5.876, Cell Physiol Biochem-5.5,Frontiers Immunol-5.511, Crit Rev Biochem Mol-5.279,BMC Biol-5.77(不收Review),Compr Physiol-5.797

IF>5: Expert Opin Thera Targets-4.595,Rev Physiol Biochem Pharmacol-3.235,J Physiol-4.54,Expert Rev Mol Med-3.865,Biochem Pharmacol-4.235,Pharmacol Res-4.897,(MedSci差不多IF,Excel表可以查到),J Gerontol A-Biol -4.902,BBA-Mol Cell Biol-4.966,Curr Issues Mol Biol-2.267,Neurobiol Aging-4.454,J Mol Biol-4.894


IF≥15: JAMA Oncol-20.871,

10≤IF>15: Ann Oncol-13.926,J Natl Cancer I-11.238,Clin Cancer Res -10.199,Semin Cancer Biol-10.198,

7≤IF>10: Cancer Res -9.13,BBA-Rev Cancer-8.22,Cancer Treat Rev-8.122,Mol Cancer-7.776,Int J Cancer -7.36,Eur J Cancer-7.191,

6≤IF>7: ,,Cancer Lett-6.491,,Ther Adv Med Oncol-6.238(只收Review,$2000),

4≤IF>6: Brit J Cancer-5.922,Semin Oncol-4.942(综述通常约稿)


IF≥15: Acta Neuropathologica-15.872,

10≤IF>15: Ann Rev NeuroSCI-14.675(年15篇全约),,Prog Neurobiol(

7≤IF>10: (>4500, ref>50),Journal of neurology neurosurgery and psychiatry-7.144(5000 words,£1,950),(4,500-5,500,主要收Review),

5≤IF>7: Front Neuroendocrinol-6.875(年27篇,欢迎非约稿),Mol Neurodegener-6.426,(年17篇不稳定),Cerebral Cortex-6.308(OA),Mol Neurobiol-5.076,Curr Opin Neurobiol-6.541,J NeuroSCI-5.97(审稿费都$140),Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol -6.059,,,J Cerebr Blood F Met-6.045,Neurobiol Dis -5.227,Brain Pathol-6.187,

IF≤5: Frontiers几个系列4-6分(开源),Front Mol NeuroSCI -3.902,,Neurobiol Aging-4.454


IF≥15: Eur Heart J-23.425,,J Am Coll Cardiol-16.834,Nat Rev Cardiol-15.162,Circ Res-15.211,

10≤IF>15: Eur J Diabetes Care-13.397,Eur J Heart Fail-10.683,JAMA Cardiol-10.133(Review格式要求严,2000-3500字,50-75 ref)

7≤IF>10: ,Lancet Cardiology & Vascular Medicine(目前查不到),

5≤IF>7: Prog Cardiovasc Dis-6.754(全约),Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol -6.086,Diabetologia-6.023, Basic Res Cardiol-5.723,Cardiovas Res-6.29,J Mol Cell Cardiol-5.296(难度大),Basic Res Cardiol-5.723,Circ Heart Fail-5.684,Circ Cardiovas Gene-5.664,Cardiovas Diabetol-5.235,Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes-5,

IF>5: J Thorac Cardiov Sur-4.88,Int J Cardiol-4.034(全约),Am Heart J-4.171,Trends Cardiovas Med-4.598(通常约稿,3000-5000含ref),Front Endocrinol-3.519,



10≤IF>15: J Pineal Res-11.613,Sleep Med Rev-10.602

7≤IF>10: (大部分是不带meta的纯systematic review),



"Excellent reviews provide new conceptual insight not present in the primary literature. For example, they may bring together literature items (e.g. empirical or theoretical) that were previously disconnected to show where they do in fact overlap; or the review may generate significant new ideas and hypotheses . Such reviews are rare but, if they are readable and clear, they can form the basis for a new research direction . Good reviews explain difficult topics and make use of examples to illustrate how phenomena or theories are connected, or provide synthetic overviews of a large body of literature (empirical or theoretical). They can be the first entry into a new literature and may often allow readers to extract information or insights (e.g., about key experiments to be done) that are difficult to see from reading the primary literature or existing summaries. There are also not-so-useful reviews. These are more like summaries. They summarize recent opinions or results of one or several fields, restate conclusions that are easily gleaned from abstracts of primary research papers, and identify real, but quite obvious, gaps in knowledge. It can be very useful to write such a paper to organize one's own thoughts, but it is typically of limited use to others .'


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