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在答复审稿意见时需要以Cover Letter作为封面,下面给出一个封面模板供大家参考:

Dear Editor,

On behalf of my co-authors, thank you for allowing a resubmission of our manuscript, with an opportunity to address the reviewers’ comments.

We are uploading (a) our point-by-point response to the comments (below) (response to reviewers), (b) an updated manuscript with yellow highlighting indicating changes, and (c) a clean updated manuscript without highlights (PDF main document).

We would like to express our great appreciation to you and reviewers for comments on our paper. We hope that you will assign the article to the same reviewers.

Thank you and best regards.


Corresponding author



(1) 审稿人:你这文章内容不错,就是没什么新意。

说实话,这是很多工作繁忙、懒得细看文章的审稿人给出的习惯性评价。因为文章很难做到立意、方法原创,因此,审稿人即使不看文章,都可以把这句话套用在99%的论文上。这个时候,如果善意的Editor给出了Major/Minor Revision的决定,你就要好好把握这个机会啦,因为这说明Editor还是觉得你这篇文章有价值的!


Reviewer: Most of the outcome of these paper are expected based on the previous studies, but where is the contribution of this paper.

Reply: Thanks for your affirmation about our previous studies.(首先肯定审稿人对前期工作的关注) It is true as you have commented that this paper is an extension of our previous work, but we still try to make up for the following two shortcomings. (然后突出这篇文章的与众不同之处。说实话,即使没什么与众不同,也请自己瞎掰出两个) First, XXX. Second, XXX. (一般,如果审稿人提出文章的创新点不足,突出文章的两个创新为宜,如果创新点写多了,言下之意就是对审稿人说:我这文章创新点这么多,你居然看不出来?如果创新点写少了,审稿人更会觉得自己说你创新性不足的结论是正确的了)


(2) 审稿人:emmmm,你这文章英语不够地道……



Reviewer: Principally, there are innumerable grammatical errors consistent with non-native speakers. I would advise the authors solicit the aid of a native or fluent English speaker to edit the text line-by-line.

Reply: We are sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors caused by our carelessness. (表达对文章出现拼写错误的抱歉) In the revised version, we have made significant efforts to remove the mistakes and errors and improved writing. All the errors you picked and recommendations you proposed are greatly helpful for us to polish our manuscript. (我们对你提出的意见进行了非常认真的修改) We appreciate your elaborate efforts in reviewing. Thank you very much!(非常感谢您认真审稿的付出!)




(一) 如果能够增加相应对比分析:

Reviewer:The authors mentioned that SVR has been combined with many other methods to conduct traffic prediction. However, the authors only provided the model comparison with the classic SVR. What about other modified SVR models?

Reply: Thank you for your advice.(感谢审稿人的建议) In our updated manuscript, we abundant the overview of related work to demonstrate the unique features of combining DL and SVR to predict traffic flow. The reason why we choose RBM is because RBM is a randomly generated neural network which can self-learn the probability distribution based on input data and it conducts Markov chain sampling process over states of hidden neural nodes to realize expectation estimation of input data, which not only lowers its requirement on training data amount but also increases the prediction accuracy.(再次强调自己所用方法的优点) In order to demonstrate the superiority of DLRM, we compare it with the stacked RBM and SVR model based on improved DEGWO proposed by Reference [19].(说明已经按照审稿人的要求增加了响应的对比试验)



Reviewer: Specifically, the traffic flow prediction is not the contribution since authors do not propose any new approach. I understand that author wants to deal with the short-term traffic prediction with fewer sample datasets by combining DL and SVR to develop a DLRM model. Therefore, in order to mention this approach is a contribution, authors should compare this approach with other State-of-the-art methods.

Reply: Thank you very much for your suggestion. We totally agree with your opinion.(我们非常同意您的观点)

The traffic flow prediction part indeed cannot be regarded as the main contribution of this paper and as you pointed out, combining DL and SVR is not an extremely novel method in essence. Because the information provided by traffic flow prediction is a necessity for following research, we introduce the proposed traffic flow prediction algorithm which can be effective in EAD application. The algorithm may not be the best, but its performance is validated in the real-world field test.(我们的方法虽然不算创新,但是应用效果也不错) The main content is of this paper, as you concluded, is how to construct a real-time EAD system with ideal performance. Because traffic flow prediction is a pavement for the real-time EAD system, we didn’t involve more detailed comparisons among different traffic flow prediction algorithms.(该研究内容不是我们文章的研究重点,所以这里我们就不展开深入对比了) But in the future, we will research on this topic and hope you may understand our difficulty at this stage.(后期,我们会按照您的建议,开展相关的对比研究)


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