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Environmental/Agricultural Science/Earth/Atmospheric/Planetary

期刊/Journal 发表文章/Paper Title 作者/Author 影响因子/IF
Journal of Hazardous Materials High efficient removal of molybdenum from water by Fe2(SO4)3: Effects of pH and affecting factors in the presence of co-existing background constituents. Z X 6.07
Journal of Hazardous Materials A novel pre-oxidation method for elemental mercury removal utilizing a complex vaporized absorbent Y Zhao 6.07
Journal of Cleaner Production Reduction of potential greenhouse gas emissions of room air-conditioner refrigerants: a life cycle carbon footprint analysis LJ Zhao 5.72
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Magnetic activity and orbital periods of five low-mass eclipsing binaries LY Zhang 4.96
Food & Function Dietary fucoidan of Acaudina molpadioides and its enzymatically degraded fragments could prevent intestinal mucositis induced by chemotherapy in mice. T Zuo 3.25
Applied Clay Science Storage stability and rheological properties of asphalt modified with waste packaging polyethylene and organic montmorillonite RE Yu 3.10
Plant and Soil Effects of nitrogen fertilization and root interaction on the agronomic traits of intercropped maize, and the quantity of microorganisms and activity of enzymes in the rhizosphere XQ Zhang 3.05
Agricultural Water Management The benefic effect induced by biochar on soil erosion and nutrient loss of slopping land under natural rainfall conditions in central China ZG Li 2.85
Environmental Science and Pollution Research Destruction of representative submarine food waste using supercritical water oxidation. C S  2.74
Aquaculture Fusion of Tat-PTD to the C-terminus of catfish growth hormone enhances its cell uptakes and growth-promoting effects JY Yu 2.57
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