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Computer/Engineering and Technology/Mathematics

期刊/Journal 发表文章/Paper Title 作者/Author 影响因子/IF
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces Intensity Enhanced Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging Using Terbium-Doped Gd2O2S Microparticles X Cao 7.50
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces Shieldable tumor targeting based on pH responsive self-assembly/disassembly of gold nanoparticles. ZQ Tian 7.50
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid Chance Constrained Optimization in a Home Energy Management System YT Huang  6.64
Chemical Engineering Journal Removal of arsenic from flue gas by using NaClO solution Y Zhao 6.22
Acs Macro Letters In Vitro Studies on Accelerating the Degradation and Clearance of Amyloid-β Fibrils by an Antiamyloidogenic Peptide Q Zhang 6.18
SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL A benzoxazine–hemicyanine based probe for the colorimetric and ratiometric detection of biothiols XD Liu 5.40
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Fast and robust 2D-shape extraction using discrete-point sampling and centerline grouping in complex images Z Zhu 4.83
Food Hydrocolloids Characterizing the structural and surface properties of proteins isolated before and after enzymatic demulsification of the aqueous extract emulsion of peanut seeds SB Zhang 4.75
FUEL An experimental approach to selecting chemical inhibitors to retard the spontaneous combustion of coal DM Wang 4.60
Food Chemistry Rapid screening and identification of compounds with DNA-binding activity from Folium Citri Reticulatae using on-line HPLC–DAD–MSn coupled with a post column fluorescence detection system QR Fu 4.53