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1. 列举

A. The study of phase transitions involving solute intercalation in nanomaterials is essential for a wide range of applications, such as  hydrogen storage, battery charging , memory switching and nanoparticle synthesis. ( Ref.:Nature Mater., 2014, 13(12): 1143 )

B. Different qdot solubilization strategies have been devised over the past few years,  including  (i) ligand exchange with simple thiol-containing molecules or more sophisticated ones  such as  oligomeric phosphines , dendrons , and peptides; (ii) encapsulation by a layer of amphiphilic diblock or triblock copoymers or in silica shells; and (iii) combinations of layers of different molecules conferring the required colloidal stability to qdots. (Ref.: Science 2005:307, 538-544)

C.  Possible to envision, but yet to be demonstrated,  for example/instance,  are: (a) useful multi-catalyst architectures that are very difficult to access otherwise, (b) metal coordination environments, and therefore reactivity, that can be achieved in no other way, and (c) reactivity-defining microenvironments that can be achieved in few other ways.(Ref.:  Chem. Soc. Rev. , 2009,  38 , 1450-1459 )

注: such as和include一般引入的都是不完全列表,所列出的项目仅仅是几个例子而已(一般列举最有代表性的三个),在列表结束时不需要加etc,and so on,或者and others等字样.

D. Colloidal semiconductor quantum dots are single crystals a few nanometers in diameter whose size and shape can be precisely controlled by  the duration, temperature, and ligand molecules used in the synthesis ( Science 2005:307, 538-544).

注:列举不一定需要such as, including之类的引导词


E. To be considered for further development, lead structures should display  the following  properties:   (1)  simple chemical features, amenable for chemistry optimization;  (2)  membership to an established SAR series;  (3)  favorable patent situation; and  (4)  good absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) properties.( J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. ,  2001 ,  41  (5), 1308–1315).

F. .Discussed   are examples of:  ( a) opportunistic catalysis with metal nodes, (b) designed catalysis with framework nodes, (c) catalysis by homogeneous  catalysts  incorporated as framework struts, (d) catalysis by MOF-encapsulated molecular species, (e) catalysis by metal-free organic struts or cavity modifiers, and (f) catalysis by MOF-encapsulated clusters (Ref.:  Chem. Soc. Rev. , 2009,  38 , 1450-1459 )

G. The fields of catalysis, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis and photoelectricity   are all examples of   where nanotechnology is impacting on current SCIence.( Chem. Soc. Rev. , 2011,  40 , 4167-4185)

H. Heterogeneous asymmetric catalysis has been subdivided  into three major categories:  1)   application of immobilized homogeneous catalysts ,  2)  catalysis on surfaces that are chiral themselves or modified with chiral modifiers, and  3)  diastereoselective reactions of chiral substrates promoted by achiral catalysts.(Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2006, 45: 4732–4762)


I. The diffusion barrier limits the mass transportation to and from the active sites,which is quite important for the applications  like   gas sensing, catalysis, ion-exchange separation,  and so forth.  ( Adv .   F unct. Mater .  2007 ,   17 , 2766–2771 )



2. 重点在于

A.  The key to  providing an efficient transformation of energy to a chemical form or from one chemical form into another  is   the availability of suitable catalysts.( PNAS , 2011, 108, 937)


B. The development of sustainable energy solutions represents one of the most important SCIentific and technical challenges of our time, and heterogeneous catalysis is  at the  heart of the problem. ( PNAS , 2011, 108, 937)


C.  An important question with regard to  charge separation  is  the role of "excess energy' that the hot CT n  state inherited from the exciton. ( Science 2012:335, 1340-1344)


D.  The key point of  the present research  is  to transcribe the chirality in organogel fibers into the silica utilizing electrostatic interactions.( J. Am. Chem. Soc. ,  2000 ,  122  (20), 5008–5009)


E.  Particular emphasis is placed on  developing concepts that can be used to understand and predict variations in reactivity from one transition metal to the next or the effects of alloying, surface structure, and adsorbate-adsorbate interactions on the reactivity. (Advances in catalysis, 2000, 45: 71-129.)


F.  The specific focus is  the use of atom transfer radical polymerization to synthesize gradient copolymers with various composition profiles. ( J. Phys. Org. Chem. 2000; 13: 775–786)



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