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Earth and Planetary Science Letters 

Volume 515, 

Pages 1-292, 

1 June 2019


Letters Aragonite dissolution kinetics and calcite/aragonite ratios in sinking and suspended particles in the North Pacific  Pages  1-12   Available Online  2019-03-22   Sijia Dong, William M. Berelson, Nick E. Rollins, Adam V. Subhas, John D. Naviaux, Aaron J. Celestian, Xuewu Liu, Nitya Turaga, Nathaniel J. Kemnitz, Robert H. Byrne, Jess F. Adkins  The rise of pinnacle reefs: A step change in marine evolution triggered by perturbation of the global carbon cycle  Pages 13-25   Available Online  2019-03-25   Patrick I. McLaughlin, Poul Emsbo, Carlton E. Brett, Alyssa M. Bancroft, André Desrochers, Thijs R.A. Vandenbroucke  Graphical abstract

Evolving paleotopography and lithospheric flexure of the Pyrenean Orogen from 3D flexural modeling and basin analysis  Pages 26-37   Available Online  2019-03-27   Magdalena Ellis Curry, Peter van der Beek, Ritske S. Huismans, Sebastian G. Wolf, Josep-Anton Muñoz  (In)coherent multiproxy signals in marine sediments: Implications for high-resolution paleoclimate reconstruction   Pages 38-46   Available Online  2019-03-25   Blanca Ausín, Clayton Magill, Negar Haghipour, Álvaro Fernández, Lukas Wacker, David Hodell, Karl-Heinz Baumann, Timothy I. Eglinton  Plate bending, energetics of subduction and modeling of mantle convection: A boundary element approach   Pages 47-57   Available Online  2019-03-26   Gianluca Gerardi, Neil M. Ribe, Paul J. Tackley  Ion concentrations in ice wedges: An innovative approach to reconstruct past climate variability   Pages 58-66   Available Online  2019-03-26   Yoshinori Iizuka, Chihiro Miyamoto, Sumito Matoba, Go Iwahana, Kazuho Horiuchi, Yoshio Takahashi, Naoya Kanna, Koji Suzuki, Hiroshi Ohno  Particulate cadmium stable isotopes in the subarctic northeast Pacific reveal dynamic Cd cycling and a new isotopically light Cd sink   Pages 67-78   Available Online  2019-03-27   David J. Janssen, Wafa Abouchami, Stephen J.G. Galer, Kathryn B. Purdon, Jay T. Cullen  Evidence for early (≥12.7 Ma) eolian dust impact on river chemistry in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau   Pages 79-89   Available Online  2019-03-27   Xiaobai Ruan, Yibo Yang, Albert Galy, Xiaomin Fang, Zhangdong Jin, Fei Zhang, Rongsheng Yang, Li Deng, Qingquan Meng, Chengcheng Ye, Weilin Zhang  3D development of detachment faulting during continental breakup   Pages 90-99   Available Online  2019-03-27   Gaël Lymer, Derren J.F. Cresswell, Tim J. Reston, Jonathan M. Bull, Dale S. Sawyer, Julia K. Morgan, Carl Stevenson, Annabel Causer, Tim A. Minshull, Donna J. Shillington  Graphical abstract

Post-depositional overprinting of chromium in foraminifera   Pages  100-111   Available Online  2019-03-28   Serginio R.C. Remmelzwaal, Aleksey Yu. Sadekov, Ian J. Parkinson, Daniela N. Schmidt, Danna Titelboim, Sigal Abramovich, Anne Roepert, Michiel Kienhuis, Lubos Polerecky, Heather Goring-Harford, Katsunori Kimoto, Katherine A. Allen, Kate Holland, Joseph A. Stewart, Jack J. Middelburg  Why estimates of deglacial ice loss should be biased low  Pages 112-124   Available Online  2019-03-28   Geoffrey Gebbie, Alexander R. Simms, Lorraine E. Lisiecki  Hydraulic properties of injection formations constrained by surface deformation   Pages 125-134   Available Online  2019-03-28   Manoochehr Shirzaei, Michael Manga, Guang Zhai  Melting experiments on the Fe–C binary system up to 255 GPa: Constraints on the carbon content in the Earth's core   Pages  135-144   Available Online  2019-03-28   Izumi Mashino, Francesca Miozzi, Kei Hirose, Guillaume Morard, Ryosuke Sinmyo  Major shifts in nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre over the last 5000 years revealed by high-resolution proteinaceous deep-sea coral  δ 15 N and  δ 13 C records  Pages  145-153   Available Online  2019-03-28   Danielle S. Glynn, Kelton W. McMahon, Thomas P. Guilderson, Matthew D. McCarthy  Geodetic and model data reveal different spatio-temporal patterns of transient mass changes over Greenland from 2007 to 2017   Pages  154-163   Available Online  2019-03-29   Bao Zhang, Lin Liu, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Tonie van Dam, Anders Anker Bjørk, Yannick Peings, Enze Zhang, Michael Bevis, Yibin Yao, Brice Noël  Biomarkers reveal abrupt switches in hydroclimate during the last glacial in southern California  Pages  164-172   Available Online  2019-03-29   Sarah J. Feakins, Mong Sin Wu, Camilo Ponton, Jessica E. Tierney  Evidence of impact melting and post-impact decomposition of sedimentary target rocks from the Steen River impact structure, Alberta, Canada   Pages  173-186   Available Online  2019-03-29   Erin L. Walton, Nicholas E. Timms, Tyler E. Hauck, Ebberly A. MacLagan, Christopher D.K. Herd  Magma interactions, crystal mush formation, timescales, and unrest during caldera collapse and lateral eruption at ocean island basaltic volcanoes (Piton de la Fournaise, La Réunion)  Pages  187-199   Available Online  2019-04-02   H. Albert, F. Costa, A. Di Muro, J. Herrin, N. Métrich, E. Deloule  The impact of spatially-variable basal properties on outlet glacier flow  Pages  200-208   Available Online  2019-04-02   Stephen Koellner, Byron R. Parizek, Richard B. Alley, Atsuhiro Muto, Nicholas Holschuh  An experimentally-based friction law for high-velocity, long-displacement slip-pulse events during earthquakes  Pages 209-220   Available Online  2019-04-02   Zonghu Liao, Ze'ev Reches  Low water content in the mantle source of the Hainan plume as a factor inhibiting the formation of a large igneous province  Pages 221-230   Available Online  2019-04-03   Xiao-Yan Gu, Piao-Yi Wang, Takeshi Kuritani, Eero Hanski, Qun-Ke Xia, Qin-Yan Wang  Daily bathymetric surveys document how stratigraphy is built and its extreme incompleteness in submarine channels   Pages  231-247   Available Online  2019-04-04   D. Vendettuoli, M.A. Clare, J.E. Hughes Clarke, A. Vellinga, J. Hizzet, S. Hage, M.J.B. Cartigny, P.J. Talling, D. Waltham, S.M. Hubbard, C. Stacey, D.G. Lintern  Hydrothermal circulation cools continental crust under exhumation   Pages  248-259   Available Online  2019-04-05   Wenrong Cao, Cin-Ty A. Lee, Jiaming Yang, Andrew V. Zuza  Graphical abstract

Seismic anisotropy in the Tibetan lithosphere inferred from mantle xenoliths   Pages  260-270   Available Online  2019-04-08   Yu Yang, Rainer Abart, Xiaosong Yang, Yongmei Shang, Theo Ntaflos, Bo Xu  Paired-cosmogenic nuclide paleoaltimetry   Pages  271-282   Available Online  2019-03-28   Pierre-Henri Blard, Maarten Lupker, Moïse Rousseau 

Calving flux estimation from tsunami waves   Pages  283-290   Available Online  2019-04-01   Masahiro Minowa, Evgeny A. Podolskiy, Guillaume Jouvet, Yvo Weidmann, Daiki Sakakibara, Shun Tsutaki, Riccardo Genco, Shin Sugiyama -END-







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